The shooting star 🌠

​With the tick tock of the watch, the waves hit the shores, the night remain unchanged . He had never been a one among others, others were never a part of him. The role of a loner, was suspicious. He never looked at the present, future was his care. 

 With the sound of heels, the girl crossed the road, the girl looked heavenly. The boy lost his thoughts over her. She fell for a last chance to prove. She twisted her fate and bunny hopped with the music, her body moved like the water with the rhythm of music. The boy being just the silent spectator, looking upon musically. She just looked like the heavenly Spirit to the boy, the boy with blue eyes looked upon at her with a wow. And then he had a Million things that he wanted to vocalize and express. The moon being the street, the crew being the shine and he was just a mere star in the sky and then just passed the shooting star. 





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The street was dark, and more darker was the timid little boy’s future . He had never seen the wild and arrogant life. With life, he was a little tuned. The night stood sane with the voices of rain. The flow of thoughts wandering what’s around. Across the road were the gaggle of dance Crew. They stood high with attitude. The agitation to talk let him alone. The crew performed by the path, the dance was too phenomenal for the boy to do, the boy was unknown to world of views. He never knew the upcoming track, as expect the unexpected was the reality known. He turned around to look for someone, the night was lone for the boy to spend, he decided to talk to them, with the hesitation to know them, as he moved away the threat feared him. He then backed to the place with the crew standing ahead. He dared to talk in a low tone, when he knew he was not so alone. The hour Was past with a dread. Yet, the boy was never too close. 




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The capeless hero 💪

With great powers comes great responsibility. We did hear it many times, we did preach it more. How much did we mean it? 

He hurt his hunger to feed you, 

He burnt his anger to see you, 

He turned out to be a perfect to love you, 

He is the cause for your smile. 

He travels to gain, not to explore. 

He is happier than you on your success, yet never expressed. 

He’s a world of sentiments , Avenger of none. 

He is self hatred, 

Yet, with a smile on his face. 

He’s not a dictator, nor a king, 

He fights the villains, 

He’s the counter of many. 

Love of all. 

He’s a superhero. 

Not with supernatural powers, 

Nor a customized heroic character, 

He’s not a world saver, 

The strongest of all,

This is not his day… 

He deserves a lot more. 

He’s a dad. 

And we owe him a much more. 

That’s the certitude. 

And here’s to the worlds best living idol of sacrifice. 

Yet, we are unaware of the happenings behind the curtains. 

He is the director of our life. 

We enjoy the scene, and are least bothered what’s behind the apron of our  world.

And this my friend is the sad reality. 

©Neerav Bafna. 

The drop ❤

You operate your life socially, not in sentiments. The lost social life creates a media of views on a person, your life history is all social, so as mine. We get angry and become frustrated, we live a life of alien culture. We could be divided easily and thoughts can be brought in to act and can be played with it. We encourage alienated culture. The way we dress, the way we walk, the walk we act, the way we describe ourselves , and the way we eat. We eat a lot, some nine times a day some five times a day. And all this food and fat gushes down from the esophagus and rests in our stomach and then finds a way out. We even adopted the western world of throwing up our shit. You know in 1775 in the rule of Elizabeth Era a man Alexander Cummings got patented for flush toilet. I mean this is sick but lets look back long. In 1775 we had enormous amount of water resources, we had low density and many other factors. After 241 years of this invention what else do I want to express? Here’s the point. The government is still publicizing and implementing the use of toilets in remote areas and villages. 74% of the city population uses the western toilets and the “FLUSH”. Just at the tip of your fingers you trigger a technology you know nothing about, except for the name. Everytime you trigger the flush it gushes nearly 2.8 gallons of water nearly about 12-13 liters. A rational man on an average uses it 5 times a day which means 60 liters of water a day , which means 420 liters a week and 1860 liters in a month and so huge numbers you cant even imagine. We fight for water, TamilNadu fights with karnataka, Maharashtra is crying over it and still we are depleting in these resources. Do you even care about the world? You just wasted million of liters of water to wash out your shit. By 2050, 45% of the world will be without water. Just imagine a life without water,Where are you now? And this my friend is the sad reality. 

©Neerav Bafna. 

Are you a human?


I am here, here in the country of 133 crore people who are ruled and divided by religion, politics and beliefs. “A man on the road is my brother” , the thought of a Kinder garden child. “The man on the road is my brother” , the thought of a 3rd standard child. “The man on the road is a begger” , the thought of a 10 standard child.” The man? Who’s he? Who cares? “. The thought of a matured human being. Where the breaking up of mature cells takes place, we even break our own sense of understanding the right and the wrong. Then comes the one most important aspect of our universe “THE HUMANITY”. Get me? Human-enmity , this is basically what It means when you can be a human why become a good one? Yeah? let’s face it. You are not a human! Off Course not! Because you don’t have the courage to face the other people, where in this mere world the worship is publicized, humanity is being racist. Hey? Who are you? I am a Hindu! 16th years old, born and brought up by the thought that other religion are worst and I should support and love only my religion, be with my religion, help my religion and be a racist all life long! Twist your own senses and think upon it, are you a human? and this my friend is the sad reality!
©Neerav Bafna.

The lead..! ❤


When I was a kid, I had a supernatural power to relate things in so likely manner that they seemed true! An uneducated, immature, hopeful, happy and healthy child. What was I? A superhero? Maybe. I just had the best superlative spirit to wank and wander and to go with the flow. As you inherit education , you learn to learn! You learn to gamble; to gamble your life? No. The treasure of life being the first cry, the first hurt and the first being. The child has all the supernatural powers, to imagine that rainbow is driven by chocoman , spinach gives you power, mickey is real and what not? A child is a free bird. Like the color of freedom, it’s white ; it doesn’t matter what the world rebuilds, it depends what he needs. When we grow up, the life changes. It brings up to be a rock. The rock that is either beaten up or either breaking the other one! The competition, the real world. Where suddenly we realise the life the supernatural powers turns into fear. The fear of losing your desires. Desires? Every body had one. To fly the world, to touch the sky, to rule the world, to bath in chocolate. They never end, coz some things don’t have an expiry, they get amazing with the time like alcohol! What time thought us? To Live? No. To greed! The greed of being better, not be a better one but to be better from the other one! Where are you in this world? Still in the race? Some might have completed it, Some still struggling, some still wandering, to those who greed! Turn life in. Be a kid, don’t count the days, make the days count. Learn, not rule. In this busy life with 206 lifeless bones who love and live for others, just for a second think is that all you have been wanting for? And this my friend Is the sad reality!
©Neerav Bafna .